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Over half of teachers plan to quit in the next two years

Over half of teachers plan to quit in the next two years

A survey conducted by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) suggests that more than half of teachers in England want to quit their jobs over the next two years. It found that the main two reasons for teachers wanting to leave were a heavy workload and a want for a better work/life balance. Many of the teachers questioned felt that morale in the profession was low, with 53% of teachers admitting that they were considering leaving their job within the next two years.

Other figures from the study show that 76% of teachers felt that forcing schools to become academies was damaging to education and 62% said that the plan to build 500 new free schools would also damage education.

The general secretary of the NUT Christine Blower has urged the government to tackle issues such as workload and low pay that are putting teachers off their jobs and contributing to low morale. However, schools minister Nick Gibb maintains that teaching is “a hugely popular profession with the highest numbers of people joining since 2008.”

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