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Parents call police to babysit their child

Parents call police to babysit their child

We all know what it’s like to be stuck for a babysitter, but here’s a story that’s sure to shock you: Parents have called police to ask them to look after their son, because he refused to go on holiday with them!

The call to Norfolk Police has been revealed as part of a campaign to reduce unnecessary 999 and 101 calls to the force. Norfolk Police says it has received nearly 90,000 inappropriate calls and this was one of the most bizarre. As the Metro reports, call handler Rhiannon Overton said that she was told the child was ‘kicking up’ and didn’t want to go with them, so they wanted an officer to look after him.

She is quoted as saying: “We get some crazy requests but this was one of the weirdest. The son didn’t want to go on holiday and they asked if we could babysit him until they got back. They had made a 999 call. When I said no, they said ‘what are we supposed to do then?’” In just a year working in the control room Rhiannon said she’s received her fair share of crazy calls, adding: “We get drunk people phoning up because they want a taxi and have no money, or they want to get arrested as they have nowhere to stay. I’ve had people asking for my number, or if they could ever meet me, which I have had to decline.”

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