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Parents outraged over Big Brother sex scenes

Parents outraged over Big Brother sex scenes

Has Big Brother gone a step too far this time? The team at UKMums.TV certainly thinks it did as the show’s producers aired x-rated footage last night. BB fans on the web have expressed their outrage as well.

If you missed it, you were saved the ordeal of watching Marco Pierre White Jr and Laura Carter get seriously frisky between the sheets. As the Mirror reports, viewers of the episode claim they were left feeling uncomfortable as the pair got racy. Marco was also seen putting his hand down her knickers and pulling up her top to expose her bare breasts.

Shocked viewers did not expect them to get quite so carried away and some were so incensed by the sexual nature they even called for a petition to get Laura and Marco removed from the house. One fan is quoted as taking to Twitter to write: "@bbuk should be ashamed allowing that to be aired never felt so uncomfortable watching a tv show #bbuk #Marco #laura #disgusting." Another added: "Omg Marco and Laura you have family that are probably watching this. Have respect for yourselves and for them @bbuk #bbuk.”

Big Brother hasn’t shied from controversy over the years and we at UKMums.TV often sit on the fence. However we believe Big Brother went too far this time. Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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