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Parents penalised for requesting flexible working hours

Parents penalised for requesting flexible working hours

As parent’s, life’s a constant balancing act between looking after the kids, getting yourself to work and finding the money to pay the bills. Sometimes it can feel as though there are simply not enough hours in the day! If you are a working mum then the option of flexible working hours can seem like a god send, it means you can juggle both the want to work and the need to be at home with your kids when they need you.

A new Trades Union Congress survey says that requesting flexible working hours can in fact have a negative impact on your time in the workplace. When TUC asked 1,000 parents about their flexible work arrangements they said that they were given worse hours, fewer shifts and some even lost their jobs!

It can be a real struggle for parents in low-paid jobs trying to managing working and childcare, and especially when childcare can be so expensive if you don’t have a family support system to help out at the drop of a hat. Parents are struggling balancing home life and work life and employers aren’t helping!

Some employers had even penalised their staff when they had to leave work early to take their child to the hospital! Where’s the compassion! This new study has really shocked us as we cannot believe how parents are being so poorly treated by their bosses when they request flexible hours!

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