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Parents spell out their kids biggest fears

Parents spell out their kids biggest fears

Children can be scared of anything, can’t they? And your child isn’t alone if they’re bothered by something unusual. New research has found spiders, dogs and the dark are among British children’s biggest fears, while beards, boiled eggs and bagels are among the most peculiar!

Common phobias in the top 40 include monsters under the bed, clowns, going to the loo and the tooth fairy, whilst some of the more unique fears experienced by kids include buttons, gravy and the sound of cutlery rubbing together. One child even confessed to being scared their hair would blow off whenever it’s windy!

The research of 1,582 parents with children age 16 and under was commissioned to celebrate the DVD release of the animated special ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ on Monday, February 6. Based on the best-selling book written by Michael Rosen, the fun family film follows a group of siblings who set out in search of a bear, overcoming a series of challenging obstacles and facing their fears along the way.

The study also found that almost a fifth of parents have used books or films like ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ with their children to help them overcome their fears, and the type of childhood fears hasn’t changed much from generation to generation.  Around seven in 10 mums and dads said they had a fear as a child, with monsters under the bed, spiders and the dark the most common, and 68 per cent of them have taken those phobias in to adulthood.

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