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Peppa Pig Wobbles but she doesn’t fall down!

Peppa Pig Wobbles but she doesn’t fall down!

Many will remember the 70's tagline for WEEBLES which featured the catchy and lasting phrase "WEEBLES wobble but they don't fall down". Now the wonder of WEEBLES has been combined with the pre-school perfection that is Peppa Pig by the worldwide makers of the favourite Peppa Pig toy line, Character Options.  Let’s wobble on over and see what’s in this next chapter of these two famous toy brands.

Here are some of favourite toys from the collection;

Wobbily Figures - £4.99

Weebles Wobble, but they don't fall down! Children will have lots of fun with the Peppa Pig Weebles characters that each come with a connectable base to collect and connect them all together.

Peppa Weebles Mummy and Daddy Figures - £8.99 each

Children will be able to complete their collection with these Mummy and Daddy Peppa Weebles. They are much bigger than the smaller wobbily figures standing at nearly 20cm high.

Push-a-long Wobbily Car - £14.99

With space for two Weebles, children can push Peppa's classic car to see the wibble wobble action! Plus – it includes one exclusive Peppa Weebles figure.

Pull-along Wobbily Train - £17.99

Children can connect the carriages together and pull Peppa's Wobbily Train to watch it in wobbily motion! Includes an exclusive Peppa Pig Weebles figure with loveheart design.

Wind and Wobble Playhouse - £29.99

The WEEBLES Wind and Wobble Playhouse Playset is the perfect way for little ones to hone in their fine motor control skills as they help Peppa and her friends up the wind-up stair case ready to make a wibbly-wobbly trip down the twisty slide. This great set comes with one exclusive Peppa figure and it can form the base of a new wibbly wobbly play world.

To see the full collection visit

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