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Piers Morgan questions the need for gender-neutral awards

Piers Morgan questions the need for gender-neutral awards

The annual MTV Awards took place yesterday and one of the highlights has to be Emma Watson's acceptance speech for the Best Actor gong. For the first time in history, the awards weren't divided into male and female categories but were gender-neutral instead. In her empowering speech, Emma said 'The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience'.

Whilst many of us agree with Emma that gender-neutral awards is a step in the right direction, the decision by MTV isn't sitting well with one person in particular.

On today's Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan expressed that he thinks the 'gender-neutral' movement has gone too far: “Am I wrong? Is it just me or am I a creaking old dinosaur that doesn't get it?” He continues somewhat dramatically, “Should we ban the word man from life itself? Should nothing anymore be male or female?”

Here at we think Piers is out of touch with this one. The point here isn't that nothing should be male or female anymore, it's that someone's gender is irrelevant to their acting skills!

What do you think? Is the topic of gender being blown out of proportion, or is Piers Morgan (in his own words) a creaking old dinosaur?

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