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Pregnant Coleen publically ditches wedding ring

Pregnant Coleen publically ditches wedding ring

Is it over for football’s golden couple?

Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s nine year marriage is on the rocks as the couple are going through yet another scandal. According to reports Coleen has given her footballer husband an ultimatum if he really does want to fix their marriage.

The split comes after Wayne was caught behind the wheel nearly three times over the legal limit of alcohol in his system with a ‘party girl’ Laura Simpson following a night out with ex-Manchester United teammate Wes Brown. Many will know Leanne Brown, Wes’ wife from the hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire which follows the lives of WAG’s in the affluent area Cheshire.

Sources say that Coleen thinks Wes is bad news for Wayne and she wants her husband to stay away from him and become a doting stay at home dad if he wants their marriage to work. During all of this drama that Coleen has had to endure, she is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child and is hoping that this will be the wakeup call her husband needs to get over his immature behaviour.

However, things are obviously not back to normal for the celebrity couple as pregnant Coleen posted a picture on social media during a day out with her kids. Fans were quick to notice two things missing from the picture, her husband, Wayne and her wedding ring. Does this mean things are over for good for the celebrity couple? I guess we will have to wait and see if Wayne can win his wife back for good.
Like Coleen, we hope that this will be a massive wakeup call for Wayne and that he realises how irresponsible and immature he has acted. For his drink driving scandal he received 100 hours community service and has been banned from the roads for two years. Everton will also fine the footballer two weeks salary £320,000, a lot of money but hardly a tip on the iceberg of what actually he earns in a year.

We hope that he will learn from this this type of irresponsible behaviour. Do you think the punishment should have been more sever for being three times over the drink driving limit? Let us know your thoughts on his punishment on Facebook and Twitter.

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