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Rebecca Adlington reveals she suffers from a common post-baby issue

Rebecca Adlington reveals she suffers from a common post-baby issue

Women’s bodies go through a range of changes after giving birth. Stretch marks, post-baby tums and changes in our boobs are the top of a long list of changes that follow post birth.

Women have become a lot more open and accepting about embracing the fact that our bodies change after giving birth and so we should be! One condition that isn’t so regularly talked about is bladder weakness even though it affects nearly one in three women! Yes, it is that common!

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington suffered from this condition after giving birth to her daughter Summer. To raise awareness she has teamed up with INNOVO to take part in a Guinness World Records 'Restore The Floor' attempt. The event saw the most people simultaneously trampolining at one time to pay homage to the fact that many women can’t because of their weak pelvic floor.
Rebecca Adlington revealed to OK!: "The more I chat to people the more I realise how common it is; we just can’t let it stop us doing what we love to do and letting it inhibit us when there are solutions out there."

This event has seen the first real steps in opening up a dialogue about this very private, but also very common, condition! If you suffer from this condition you are not on your own; many women do! We should celebrate the changes to our body after pregnancy and it is great that Rebecca Adlington is giving women who suffers from this condition a voice! Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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