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Recipes for your Frozen Brain Slushy Maker!

Recipes for your Frozen Brain Slushy Maker!

If you haven't heard already, ChillFactor has taken over and we've been having so much fun getting to know the new products! The classic ChillFactor slushy maker is much-loved by parents and kids, and many of you will already know how these magic cups work!

In case you haven't seen a ChillFactor Slushy Maker before, these cool cups turn any drink into a slushy in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is freeze the cup until frozen, gradually add your drink of choice and squeeze the cup as you go along!

New for 2017 is the Frozen Brain Slushy Maker which promises to make the slushy making process even more exciting for kids. Young ones can choose from a one-eyed monster or three-eyed monster style cup, and as they make their slushies it will look like they're stirring up gross monster brains! Do you know a little one that would love this?

To celebrate these awesome new Frozen Brain Slushy Makers, we've put together our favourite drink combinations. Read on to see our favourite recipes!

The fizz factor!

For an exciting fizzing monster brain effect, use a fresh bottle of fizzy Vimto. Not only will it hiss and fizz but it will also look like gross purple brains! You can even add popping candy to the drink for extra drama, just make sure the candy rocks have been ground down to a fine powder.

Green brains!

Children can also have their 5 a day with the Frozen Brain Slushy cup. Add a green smoothie to the cup and it will appear like gross monster brains whilst also being super healthy. We recommend the Naked Green Machine smoothie.

Glow in the dark!

Did you know if you add a dash of tonic water to a drink it will glow in the dark? Add a teaspoon of tonic water to the slushy cup along with your kids' favourite drink and when the slushy is ready it will glow in the dark!

What drinks have you been making in your ChillFactor Frozen Brain Slushy Makers? Share your recipes with us @ukmumstv!

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