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Rise in cosmetic surgery attributed to social media

Rise in cosmetic surgery attributed to social media

Britain’s unregulated cosmetic surgery industry is causing problems for children. 

A study carried out by Nuffield Council places blame at makeover apps and online games surrounding plastic surgery contributing to mental health problems in young people. Some of these games target children as young as eight and encourage them to play having cosmetic surgery makeovers!

According to BBC News, social media has been linked to growing anxiety levels in young people and in particular anxiety around appearance. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram where airbrushed images are celebrated and photos receive positive or negative ratings there is a lot to deal with for a young person. 

The gloried celebrity culture also promotes unrealistic images of how you should look and it is understandable that young people feel the pressure and are turning to photo editing apps and cosmetic surgery to look how they ‘should’ look.

Do you think social media is dangerous for the health of young people? Have your kids ever struggled with body image on social media? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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