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Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Ladies Day at Ascot is perhaps better known for its hats rather than the horses! It’s the day that the style savvy descend upon the event and turn the racecourse into a catwalk. With the extravagant hats and very high stilettos it seems that many of the outfits went through more vigorous planning and preparation than the jockeys did!

Although it is a day renowned for everyone getting dressed up and looking glamourous it also has a bit of reputation for turning into a drunken brawl after everyone has had a few too many glasses of prosecco.  The event which is a ladies day in name only, most definitely lived up to its reputation yesterday for getting out of hand.  A video emerged yesterday of a topless man barging through the crowd knocking over a white picket fence, ladies in their beautiful outfits and glasses of prosecco everywhere!

It’s obvious that a few revellers cannot handle the festivities and take it too far; it’s a shame that after a few too many drinks some people turn the event from classy to trashy.

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