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Safety fears over kids trampoline use

Safety fears over kids trampoline use

They’re fun, bouncy and plenty of families have them. Perhaps you’ve got a kids trampoline in your garden! But safety fears have been raised over the popular children’s play equipment as hospitals are seeing surging numbers of trampoline-related injuries suffered by children.

We’re talking serious injuries such as broken bones, cuts and even concussion! And the problem’s become such an issue health professionals in Australia are calling for trampolines to be considered a public health concern. It’s after a six-month long study carried out last year found 40 children aged between one and 10 needed medical treatment at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Closer to home, as the Mail Online reports, figures from the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents (RoSPA) suggest such injuries account for up to 50 per cent of A&E admissions in the UK when it comes to injuries sustained at home by children under 14.

Dr Raj Singh, who has appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about the issue, is quoted as saying: “Although trampolines are fun and it's trampolining season, and there is a big boom in sales, they have to be used appropriately, you have to be careful with them.” For safe trampolining, he advises trampolines are set up in an area with soft ground, are used one child at a time, and children bounce in the middle while supervised.

Do you have a kids trampoline at home? We’re keen to hear your thoughts. Are you concerned about your children’s safety, or do you think those calling tramplines a public health concern are spoiling the fun? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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