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Say EH-OH to the Tiddlytubbies!

Say EH-OH to the Tiddlytubbies!

This week we’re celebrating all things Teletubbies as the toy range from Character Options has taken over!  We all know and love the Teletubbies; they’ve been a pre-school favourite for not just one but two generations of tots. In fact, 2017 is the year the brand turns 20!

So it’s safe to say Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are household favourites but did you know there’s a whole new bunch of lovable characters? The adorable Tiddlytubbies first joined the series in 2015 and there are eight of these cute characters for little ones to get to know! Read all about the Tiddlytubbies below:

Daa Daa is a vibrant green colour and is always on the move. He loves revving back and forth extremely quickly on the Tiddlynoo and saying “Daa-Daa” a lot!

Baa is a deep blue colour and is always in a different place to the other Tiddlytubbies. He loves popping up unexpectedly shouting “Baa!” much to the others’ surprise! Always hugging himself and giggling, Baa loves the slide and the baby bouncer.

Violet-coloured Ping is a bit on the noisy side. She loves clapping and banging on a colourful wooden xylophone while repeatedly singing, “Ping”!

Giggly RuRu is orange and loves to pull himself along on his tummy and then pull up into sitting. RuRu rubs his tummy a lot and absolutely loves the swingball. The trouble is it’s always knocking him over!

Purple Nin and Red Duggle Dee are best friends. The two are inseparable – always holding hands and playing with balls.

Sky blue Mi-Mi is the leader and the others look up to her as she speed crawls off to her chosen destination. Mi-Mi loves to bounce on her bottom, clapping excitedly and shouting Mi-Mi!

Yellow Umby Pumby is cute, sleepy and yawns a lot. She is always cuddling her beloved Teddy Bear and sucking her thumb.

To find out more about the Tiddlytubbies, click here head to the Teletubbies website where you can watch clips of all the characters with your little ones.

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