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School calls time on “aggressive” whistles

School calls time on “aggressive” whistles

Have you heard of this? A school has done away with the sound of whistle blowing because it’s “noisy and aggressive”.

Playtime will never be the same at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Milton Keynes which has banned the blowing of a whistle to signal the end of play fearing it is “too aggressive” and could leave the children “afraid of the noise”.

Instead, staff at the school must raise a hand in the air to mark the end of playground breaks.

As reported by the Times, the ban was revealed in a letter to Country Life magazine. It was written by a teaching assistant at the school with serious concerns that children might not spot her hand quickly in an emergency.

Professor Alan Smithers, of Buckingham University, believes the whistle ban is a step too far. He is quoted as saying: “We have become extraordinarily over-sensitive. Does this mean children are not going to be able to play football and hockey because the referees use whistles? What about fire alarms?”

Do you think the school is right to ban the blowing of a whistle and it’s something all schools should be doing, or would you be worried about children’s safety?

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