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School votes to scrap homework

School votes to scrap homework

How do you feel about homework for children? It’s probably something you endured as a kid … and hated! And now you’re a parent you’ve got your child’s studies to help with, right? It’s something you never seem to escape.

Well, imagine this: A school that’s banned homework altogether! That’s the reality at one primary school in the Scottish highlands where parents have voted to scrap after-school studies completely! We know what you’re thinking, ‘why oh why wasn’t homework abolished when I was at primary school, too?’

As the BBC reports, about 80% of pupils and more than 60% of their parents at Highland Council-run Inverlochy Primary in Fort William voted in favour of an end to homework. Instead, the children will be encouraged to read books and comics that interest them and to play. It’s all because the council allows head teachers, staff and parents to make decisions on the running of schools. A spokeswoman for the local authority is quoted as saying, however: "The authority does not have a Highland-wide 'no homework' policy in place - this is something that Inverlochy Primary School is trialling in their school."

What are your thoughts on children’s homework? Do you think they’re set too much would be better off having time to play instead? Let us know whether you’d like to see homework banned at your child’s school over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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