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Jade Lewenden, a young mummy blogger from Berkshire, has a sticky problem this festive season as her son Leo, aged 10, has requested from Santa as his No1 request, a 1-inch Grossery Gang figure worth just over £1. The problem is she just can’t find him!
Now Jade, who’s blog is called Unique Young Mum, is launching a nationwide appeal to find the elusive figure which is part of Series 1 of the toys launched this July.

Jade said: “My son Leo is obsessed with The Grossery Gang, and has been collecting them since the summer. He has collected over 100 figures and also the playsets but there is just one that he is searching for; a yellow and green Icky drumstick. Leo is such an easy-to-please boy and has placed only this on his Christmas list and despite trying to manage his expectations, he feels sure that Santa will come good and bring him the figure for Christms.”

“So I’ve searched eBay and I’ve been looking in all the packs in the local toy stores to try and find him but I just can’t get my hands on one. Now my last hope is to find a fellow fan who can help out.  We don’t mind doing some swaps!”

Jade has also appealed to the UK toy company GP Flair who supplies the Grossery Gang. They too have been searching their stocks. Anne-Marie Noon from the company commented:  “We all want to help Jade out and find an Icky Drumstick for Leo, but the major problem is that Icky is part of Season 1 which has pretty much sold out!  The new Season 2 is about to be launched but he is not part of that line-up. We have even appealed to the other distributors overseas.  We will keep searching till Christmas day its self and hopefully we will find him. “

A special email has been set up for people to email if they think they have found Icky

Alternatively please do use the hashtag #Searching4Icky to help with the appeal.

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