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See our top 10 dinosaur Attractions around the UK!

See our top 10 dinosaur Attractions around the UK!

Kids love a fun day out and it’s always nice to spend some family time together; and as it just so happens to be Dinovember, has brought you some of the best dinosaur themed days out around the UK.

Dinosaur Adventure 

Armed with your adventurers' guide, explore and play in 100 acres of woods and parkland, discovering the amazing world of dinosaurs.

Gulliver’s Dinosaur & Farm Park

Meet life sized dinosaurs and take a tour through the lost world on the Jurassic river, or go dino-spotting from the tree-tops viewing tower and unearth ancient fossils at the dino-dig!

Dino Park 

Step back 150 million years and take a trip through the Dino mine, hear stories and facts in the Dino Den, dig for fossils and have fun on the bouncy dinosaur.

The Dinosaur Museum

For something a little more educational, why not head to the Dinosaur Museum. Britain's original and award winning museum located in Dorset, only 7 miles from the Jurassic Coast..

The Dinosaur Park

Head into the woods and over the swamps you’ll meet some friendly and not so friendly Dinosaurs. Take part in the Dino Quiz and win your expert sticker!

Dino Star

Visit Dinostar – an exciting, interactive dinosaur museum! Highlights include a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, Triceratops bones you can touch and a unique Dinosaur Sound Box.

Natural History Museum

Meet a terrifying T-Rex, unearth Baryonyx bones and inspect the Triceratops skeleton in the world-renowned Dinosaurs gallery!

Dinosaur Isle

Dinosaur Isle is Britain's first purpose built dinosaur museum and visitor attraction; based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.  The museum's galleries are there for you to learn and enjoy.

Torquay’s Dinosaur World

Don't miss out on Torquay's Dinosaur World an exciting indoor exhibition that brings dinosaurs and their worlds to life!

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