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See what our mums think of Qixels and Beados

See what our mums think of Qixels and Beados

Every parent wants to encourage their child to be creative. That’s why loves Qixels and Beados so much! We’re not the only ones either, both ranges from Character Options have been reviewed by some of the best bloggers in the country. Take a look at what they thought below:

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist when writing about Qixels wrote:

‘Chunk liked finding the right colours and it was lovely to see him taking the time to build the design and he saw it through to the end without distraction which was another bonus.

A definite one to keep in the cupboard for other rainy days, poorly days or when quiet time is needed!’

Read the full review here

Whilst talking about Beados Karen English said:

‘My peanut loves anything creative so I had a feeling we'd be onto a winner with this Beados Gem Designer Studio The idea is that you follow a pattern to make bead pictures then magically the beads stick together with just a squirt of water and a bit of time! No mess no fuss and NO BATTERIES!

I love that the kids had to plan and count out colours so there's an educational benefit to this, I love that the dispensing tube means no more frustrated paddy's at not being able to get the beads (we've used a different brand's version which came only with tweezers, very tricky indeed!!!).’

Read the full review here

If you’re still not convinced about just how great Beados and Qixels are, you can read more top reviews here:



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