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Should children be given summer holiday homework?

Should children be given summer holiday homework?

With the summer holidays now in full swing, the debate as to whether children should be given holiday homework or a complete break arises once more. According to a poll carried out by ITV, 73% of people agree that children should not be given homework during the school holidays to allow them to have a break from academic study. However, there are others who believe that children should be given summer holiday work to ensure that they do not fall behind academically once they go back to school.

Some schools have recently considered banning homework altogether, suggesting that it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety to parents and children alike. Other schools think that homework must be kept a compulsory part of a child’s education, to help children maintain their academic level and to bridge the gap between home and school.

So the debate goes on, do you think that summer holiday homework should be made compulsory? As a parent, will you be setting your children work over the summer or do you think a break from school work is necessary? Whatever you decide, make sure your children can relax and have fun this summer! 

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