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SIDS charity raises concerns about baby boxes

SIDS charity raises concerns about baby boxes

It is so worrying for new parents to know what to do when it comes to preventing cot death, whether to use a cot or a baby box or what mattress to use – there are so many different options. But today, a leading charity in the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has spoken out about the baby box initiative.

The NHS has been distributing cardboard boxes filled with baby products to new parents so that their babies can sleep in them. While baby boxes have been used in Finland for years and have been cited as helping reduce the rate of cot death, there is no formal evidence to support this.

Lullaby Trust which is a charity that works to reduce the rate of SIDS, released a statement to say there is no evidence to support the fact that the Finnish-style “baby boxes” reduces the risk of SIDS.

While the Lullaby Trust says that it supports any initiative that raises awareness of SIDS and safer sleep for babies it encourages parents to ensure that boxes and mattresses comply as fully as possible with British and European Standards.

Francine Bates Chief Executive of The Lullaby Trust says: “We support all efforts to promote safer sleep for babies; however we do have concerns about the baby boxes being marketed as products which will reduce infant mortality and SIDS. If parents choose to use the box to sleep their baby, we urge them to read and follow our advice, approved by our scientific and paediatric advisers”. 

Head over to the Lullaby Trust website for safer sleep advice for babies -

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