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Single mum-of-two refused family meal deal

Single mum-of-two refused family meal deal

How many adults and children make up a family? It’s question that’s going rife on the web after it emerged a single mum and her two children were refused a family meal deal, because they weren’t considered a family!

As the Metro reports, Emma Wallen, 28, took her two children Lily, six, and London-James, two, to see the BFG at Cineworld in Wandsworth, south West London. But when Emma tried to buy a £9.99 family meal, she says a male cashier told her she didn’t qualify as the deal is only for two parents and two children. She had to pay an extra £15 for almost the same food.

In total, the trip cost around £53, about half for tickets and half for food. It would have cost around £37, had she been allowed to use the deal. Emma, who has formally complained to Cineworld, is quoted as saying: “To say that somehow I’m not valid as a family because I’m a single parent is appalling. I’m a proud single parent and what he said is unacceptable.”

Cineworld says the meal deal only applies to a group of four, two adults and two children or one adult and three children, if they buy a Family Ticket for the film. Should Cineworld be reviewing its policy? We’d love to know your thoughts on this. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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