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Single woman plans to marry herself

Single woman plans to marry herself

Have you many weddings to attend this year? It’s not long till the start of the wedding season and you’ve probably started receiving invites for nuptials in 2017. Well, we bet they’re nothing like this. We couldn’t believe it when we read this story!

It’s of a single woman called Lynne Gollogly from Rotherham in South Yorkshire who’s celebrating her 40th….by marrying herself! She won’t be tying the knot with a significant other, all because she hasn’t found “Mr. Right” yet but still wants a wedding (even though she can’t have a legal ceremony)!

Do you think this is plain crazy or empowering for all singletons out there fast approaching a milestone birthday? As the MailOnline reports, inspired by an episode of the TV series Friends when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe all try on wedding dresses, Lynne has gone all out in her wedding plans. She’s sent out her invites and told guests to show up in smart wedding attire, even encouraging female guests to wear their bridal gowns! Lynne has even organised two hen dos before her bash in April and will also be going to Rome for a ‘honeymoon’ alone. She's even had make-up trials, bought a dress and booked the 'top secret' venue.

Lynne’s quoted as saying: “It's always something I've wanted to do, and because 'Mr. Right' hasn't turned up yet - I'm just going to go ahead and get married without him.” She added: “My family and friends know full well that I'm bonkers though, so this hasn't come as a shock to them. I thought this way I could give loved ones an opportunity to wear their wedding outfits and celebrate just being my quirky self.”

Good luck, Lynne! We wish you a 40th to remember. Here at UKMums.TV, we’d love to know from our followers: What’s the craziest event you’ve ever been invited to or attended? Share your stories with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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