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Snackeez Product Guide

Snackeez Product Guide

Finally! Now you can have your favourite drink and the snack you love all in one cup!  Snackeez is the all-in-one snacking solution that is ideal for kids that are on-the-go.

This clever design features a flip top container inside a drinks cup so kids can take their favourite juice and snack out and about. It is ideal for school time, picnics or trips with the family and is available in a variety of bright colours with an easy hold grip. The tight seal keeps food fresh and the anti-spill cup prevents spills on any trips.

The flip top container fits snuggly within the cup and holds 115ml of contents, whilst the cup itself holds up to 450ml liquid and includes a straw. Available from Character Online Snackeez costs £9.99 and is the perfect back to school gift for your kids

For your chance to win a Snackeez before your kids head back to school, then enter our competition to win one of ten Snackeez! Click here to enter.

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