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Social Media – The socially responsible Facebook way

Social Media – The socially responsible Facebook way

Earlier this week was invited to Facebook London HQ to hear all about the new Child Rescue Alert system the social media platform has just launched. So we thought it would be a great idea to give you a rundown on what the new alert is all about and how it can help children in your local area.

Child Rescue Alert

For most mothers losing their child is their greatest fear. With over 140,000 UK children reported missing a year it has become a real issue. This is why Facebook has teamed up with the charity Missing People, to launch Child Rescue Alerts onto their social media platform.

The way in which it works is if a child has gone missing in your area and is at a high level of risk, you will see their information pop up right at the top of your news feed. This information is decided on by the Police and will only be released with their say so. This allows people near the incident to see what the missing child looks like, along with any other information that may help them identify where the child is.

This alert will only be used for high risk cases and will be based on your location. For example Londoners will not see a post warning them of a child missing in Scotland.

Emily Vacher, Trust and Safety Manager for Facebook said while talking about the alerts:

“More than half of the people in the UK use Facebook. All over the world, we’ve seen communities rallying together in times of need, using Facebook to spread the word – and these alerts will make that quicker and help to reach more people than ever before during these exceptionally stressful and worrying times. Working in partnership with several of the UK’s most critical support organisations, we hope we can enlist even more people to help reunite children with their families.”

Facebook will only use this feature when it is truly needed, this means when people do see the alerts they take notice and do not dismiss it, as may be the case if the alerts were a daily occurrence.

If you want to know more about the Child Rescue Alerts click here.

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