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Storm Doris Aftermath!

Storm Doris Aftermath!

Yesterday, people all over Britain battled winds of up to 100mph as Storm Doris hits locations all over the UK.

Today, it’s confirmed that this deathly storm left a young woman dead and many more fighting for their lives.

After an upsetting incident of a woman being killed by flying debris, it transpired later that day that a second woman was injured at the same place where the first woman was killed.

Mustafa Khan who witnessed the aftermath whilst sat on a bus said “It’s ridiculous how this can happen in the middle of London. This was not supposed to be a major, major storm, everyone was going to work.”

Further to this, a girl in Milton Keynes is left with life-threatening injuries from a falling roof along with two pensioners fighting for their lives in hospital after a car crash, resulting in neck injuries.

More tragic events happened all over the UK; homes were destroyed by falling trees, 56,000 homes throughout the Republic of Ireland were without power, flights were cancelled all across the country due to the heavy winds and it’s even reported that trampolines were seen crashing through fences and into streets causing damage to cars and houses.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more unwanted storms anytime soon! We’d love to hear your experiences with Storm Doris. Tweet us @UKMums.TV!

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