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Storm over Little Mix outfits

Storm over Little Mix outfits

Is it just us or do you think female singers are revealing much more flesh than they used to years ago? Take for example Little Mix, the four-piece girl group, they certainly started out with a cute girl-next-door look! They’re now facing accusations of being too revealing in their choice of performance attire.

Their appearance on the X Factor over the weekend, which saw them bare their thighs in knee-high boots, has sparked a social media storm. They’ve been accused of wearing ‘stripper outfits’ while performing new single Shoutout To My Ex on the TV talent show. One angered viewer quoted by the Mirror accused Little Mix of “gyrating all over the place” and “pretending that they are empowering women and being good role models when in fact they're doing the opposite”.

There have also been some choice words from former Spice Girl Mel C who says the band is now “too provocative”! However, Little Mix fans have leapt to their defence. One supporter said: "They're not little girls anymore, they're grown women and their look/music reflects it. I've seen Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and many others in outfits just as 'skimpy' if not more so and no one bats an eye!"

Do you think female singers, particularly those seen as role models to young girls, have a duty to cover up more, or is it all an over-reaction? We’d love to know what you have to say on this matter. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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