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Strolly Good for Families.

Strolly Good for Families.

Tots and youngsters are sure to find Strollys fun and exhilarating compared to being pushed around in conventional strollers. Yvolution’s new Strolly range makes them part of the adventure and has a whole range of benefits. We spoke to some top mum experts and they told us why you should choose a Strolly!

Stopping the temper Tantrums

Experts say children aged between one and two are naturally drawn to doing things for themselves. Strollys let the child think they are in control and independent. Kids like to think they are all grown up and by being in a forward facing Strolly they feel that they are out on their own.

Confidence building

The changeover from parent-controlled trike to a classic trike allows for a child confidence to grow.
Strollys allow for confidence to build whilst also being really handy for parents wanting to keep track of their kids! They are fun yet safe!

Encouraging activity

Strollys also encourages children to get active, strengthening their legs muscles and promoting healthy habits. When children have mastered this they can move onto a bike with confidence. Kids are no longer just being pushed around and have to put some effort in themselves , but when they are tired, you can simply use the parent steering handle to push your child around with ease! It’s a win win!

Cost efficiency

As Strollys grow with your child, there’ll be no need to buy a new trike at every stage of your son or daughter’s development. Just think of the all the money you’d save!

This should prove there’s more to Strollys than fun, they’re Strolly good for child development, and the family budget, too! Check out the full range here

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