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Study Warns of Overfed Tots

Study Warns of Overfed Tots

As parents we often worry whether our children are eating too much or too little. Now a new study of toddlers portion sizes reported by the Mail has found 80% of under fours are often given more food than they need, and 10% of parents give toddlers adult-sized food portions.

The Infant and Toddler Forum (ITF), which commissioned the survey of 1,000 parents, warns parents are increasing the chances their children will become obese. As part of the study, parents were shown pictures of food and told to select the portion sizes they give their children, as well as being asked how often they give youngsters certain foods.

Here’s a quick rundown of the findings:

• 79% of parents routinely offer bigger than recommended portions when serving meals drinks and sweets.
• 65% routinely offer too much squash or fruit juice.
• 71% routinely offer their toddler a bigger than recommended portion of crisps.
• 61% routinely offer their toddler too many sweets.

Judy More, paediatric dietitian and member of the ITF, is quoted as saying: “Practical advice for parents on appropriate portion sizes for toddlers has been lacking, so it’s not surprising our survey revealed a significant lack of understanding about how much to feed them. With new evidence linking larger portion sizes to excess weight gain, it’s clear parents need practical advice now.”

A full list of recommended portion sizes for all foods is available via The Infant and Toddler Forum here. Let us know what you think about the results of the survey and recommended portion sizes over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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