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Swap and Save - Substitutes to save you money

Swap and Save - Substitutes to save you money

Being frugal doesn’t have to take the fun out of family life, in fact with a few simple changes you can enjoy most of what you love doing at a fraction of the cost. Here’s our cost-cutting ideas on what you can swap to save some cash.

Swap the Cinema for Movie night

Going to the cinema is a fun, yet very costly day out. Save money on tickets (and all of the food) by hosting a movie-night with the family. Pick your favourite film, dim the lights and enjoy! Use your leftover Christmas goodies for nibbles, but if you want to cut back, make a big hearty meal to save on snacking. For an extra treat invite friends over for a big get-together.


Swap Daily Shopping To Food Planning

Every time we hit the shops to pick up tonight’s meal, we end up with a trolley full of things we don’t need, so to avoid spending extra – plan ahead so you only need one big shop a week. Each Sunday write a meal plan of what you’re going to eat and stick to it – no extras, if it’s not on the list it’s not going in!

Swap Theme Parks for Outdoor Fun

The kids love to be kept busy and active and it’s often hard to meet their demands without paying lots to do so. Don’t fork out on theme parks and soft play, instead make the most of the great outdoors. Wrap up warm and explore the garden and local parks. You can collect leaves and sticks and make some great prints and pictures upon your return too.

Swap Take-Aways to Take-Ins

Take aways are easy, mess-free and minimise on washing up; but by cooking at home you save money and get to see exactly what you’re eating too. Try making your own versions of the kid’s favourites, like home made burgers or pizzas for healthier and budget substitutes. Make a game of it and get the kids to role play ‘restaurants’, setting the table and even drawing place names or a menu.

Swap Lunch Out for Lunch Boxes

Buying lunch out can add up during the week, plan what meals you’ll take each day and even freeze a batch of sandwiches, ready to defrost in your lunch box for less hassle in the morning. Not only will you save money, you’ll save time from wandering the shops and make sure you eat healthier too!

Swap Filled Freezers To Full Fridges

Now is the perfect time to use up all of the food that you have left in your pantry or freezer. Write a list of absolutely everything that you have yet to use up and then make a game with the rest of the family out of making recipes out of your leftovers. Make a promise not to buy anything (except fresh fruit etc) until you’ve used up your stores.

Swap Bowling For a Games Night

With many households having a games console of some description, instead of paying for bowling have a night (or day), just invite some friends over for a good old-fashioned games night. Ask them to bring their controllers and games too and have fun whilst getting fit. Or if you don't have a console, get the board games out or even create your own games to play indoors.

Do you have any handy Low Spend Swap ideas to share?

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