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Take a stroll around the Strolly range

Take a stroll around the Strolly range

We are, have a new brand that we love to share with you, so let’s take a stroll around the latest in wheeled travel systems for little ones, Strollys!

Gone are the days of pushchairs and prams confining little ones when out on a walk. Now thanks to the Yvolution Strolly range children can embark on a strolly good adventure when out and about!

Little ones can face the world or turn to face mum and dad with The Strolly Spin (£89.99). This stroller-come- trike is equipped with an innovative spinning feature and is safe, sturdy and durable. As years pass and a stroller is no longer needed the Strolly Spin can eventually transform into a toddler’s first trike! Toddlers can enjoy their trike independently or be guided by mum or dad with a removable parent steering handle. The Strolly Spin truly develops as your child does!

The other piece in the range is the lightweight Strolly Compact (£119.99) mums and dads can say goodbye to big bulky strollers with this perfect on the go, foldable, solution. Like the other Strollys the Strolly compact will eventually transform into a trike to follow your child through his or her first years.

So there you have it, the Strolly range has a solution for every family, you can check out the range here! 

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