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Teaching your children to care for others

Teaching your children to care for others

During the Doc McStuffins takeover, we’ve been inspired by how caring Doc McStuffins is. Fans of the show are probably learning all about caring for others from the episodes but you can help at home with our top tips!

Lead by example

Kids pick up so much from their parents’ behaviour; you’d be surprised by how much they notice! The best way to teach them how to act with others is to lead by example and show empathy to others. You can also encourage your kids to think about how others are feeling by asking questions about their favourite characters such as “I wonder how Doc McStuffins feels when she’s away from her friends?”

Feelings and communication

Children often learn about emotions and how to express themselves, but a great way to teach them to care for others is to help them recognise when others are sad. Act out emotions such as sadness or anger and teach them how to respond.
Learning how to communicate is also key – teach your children to ask how their friends and family are every now and then.

Role Play Toys

As well as play acting, you can use role play toys to help children learn empathy. Children learn to nurture when they play with dolls, or alternatively they can dress up and create doctor-patient stories!

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