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Teaching your children to love animals

Teaching your children to love animals

As many of you will know, Wissper is a TV show all about a seven year old girl who talks to animals and helps them solve their problems. Wissper visits five different worlds in the series, making lots of fun animal friends along the way.

Inspired by Wissper's special relationship with her animal pals, here are our top tips for teaching your children to love animals.

1. Visit a zoo, wildlife centre or nature reserve so children can observe animals in their natural habitat.

2. Watch films, TV shows and read books with positive attitudes towards animals

3. Adopt a pet – even low maintenance pets such as fish will teach them to look after animals

4. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary so children are aware of animals in need

5. Get outdoors into nature where children discover beautiful butterflies, insects and more.

6. Lead by example and be kind to animals and insects alike.

7. Put a bird feeder outside your house and kids will love all the birds that come to visit!

8. Use toys to show children how to pet animals and be gentle.

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