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Teksta News loves the electronic pets from the Teksta range. Did you know that Teksta Robotic Puppy was the ultimate Dreamtoy and Toy of the Year 2014?

Based on Teksta’s lovable features and success Character Options have introduced a while new range of pets to the collection.  From palm size newborn puppies, all the way to giant scorpions, there really is the ultimate pet for everyone. We love Teksta pets, so they were a must have to be included in our Electronic Pets week!

Teksta Scorpion SRP £39.99

The Teksta Scorpion is the Teksta with a sting in its tail! This new electronic pet brings a whole new level of interactivity for children to have fun with. This speedy arachnid has giant pincers that with the help of an infrared remote can pick up objects and battle for supremacy. The remote has a secure strap to allow children to use their accuracy and talent to have a full 360 degree control of realistic movement.

Teksta Newborn SRP £19.99

If fierce scorpions aren’t of interest then these cute Teksta Newborns may just be. This generation of Newborn Teksta’s fit in the palm of your hand and behave just like eight week old pets. These sweetest partners for any children come with realistic movements and responsive reactions to sounds. Teach your pet to; sit, walk, beg and sing. Available as either a blue puppy or pink kitten. Exclusively at Argos you can also find pink puppy and Scooby Doo versions.

Teksta Robotic Puppy SRP £49.99

Teksta Puppy is the original Teksta we all fell in love with. This adorable pup responds to its owner’s voice, physical gestures, lights and sounds. It can also perform an array of tricks including its signature backflip. This interactive toy also displays a whole host of emotions including barking, crying, whimpering and expressive eye patterns. With over 100 different actions this electronic pet will amaze children of all ages and even has its own ball and bone accessory included.

Our Take

This range is so versatile it has a product loved by children of all age groups. The electronic pets are not only intelligent but also emotive. That’s why we have to give them an 8/10.

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