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Tesco fines for parking cheats

Tesco fines for parking cheats

Have you heard about this? Tesco is clamping down on inconsiderate shoppers who park in disabled bays when they’re not supposed to. Anyone caught parking in one without the proper badge will be fined £40 as part of the new scheme, and chances are it’s coming to a Tesco near you!

As the Mirror reports, the plan was on trial at 81 stores and is due to be rolled out to 200 others. We know what many parents will now be wondering, will there be a clampdown on misuse of parent and child spaces, too?

We’ve all seen it haven’t we, people without children taking up the dedicated spaces so parents like us have to squeeze into narrower parking bays. That extra bit of space makes a massive difference when you’re frantically getting a child out of the car and into a trolley, then trying to get them into car seat with a mountain of shopping. There never seems to be enough parent and child spaces in the first place, right?

A Tesco spokesperson is quoted as saying the nationwide clampdown on disabled parking bay misuse is to make it “fairer and easier for everyone to find a parking space in Tesco". Do you agree supermarkets should get tough on misuse of parent and child spaces as well? We’d love to know what you think. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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