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The aid of electronic learning

The aid of electronic learning

Children are expected to learn so many skills at home before they begin reception class at school that sometimes as parents it can be difficult to know where to start! Well early learning doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact it can be really good fun!

To demonstrate how simple early learning can be, we’ve teamed up with Trends UK to take a look at some of the key skills which little ones can develop with the help of electronic learning aid toys.

Colour recognition

Learning how to differentiate between colours is a process that starts very young, then children begin to learn that each different colour has a name. Electronic learning toys are great because they can say the names of colours whilst simultaneously confirming which colour is which through the light up display!

We recommend: Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Laptop 

Communication skills

Communication skills are key for pre-schoolers and early learners as they transition from the home environment into the big wide world of school! Interactive toys which encourage children to listen, pay attention and follow a sequence and then talk are ideal especially as they will have so much fun chattering away with Peppa and her friends!

We recommend: Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone 

Alphabet and numbers

Learning to count and learning to say the alphabet are two milestones that many parents try and reach with their toddlers. Children all develop at their own pace but certain toys can help them with the learning curve! We believe that electronic learning toys are really useful for little ones trying to get to grips with their ABCs and numbers because it’s all incorporated into fun, interactive game play!

We recommend:  Peppa’s Alphaphonic Campervan 

For early learning toys that engage children and help them to learn through play, the new Peppa Pig toys have our seal of approval! See the full product guide here: LINK

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