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The Gingerbread House reviews the Rise of Scar playset!

The Gingerbread House reviews the Rise of Scar playset!

We've been getting to know the Lion Guard toy range a whole lot better this week and we think the new Rise of Scar playset is one of the most exciting sets for fans! So we sent a playset to The Gingerbread House blog to see what they thought of it! Read the review below:

"Growing up I loved Disney so it’s probably no surprise that my children do too. I remember The Lion King coming out and going to see it at the cinema with some friends. I had all the Disney soundtracks!

I was so excited when I first heard about The Lion Guard animated series. As a fan of the 1994 original I knew this would be something worth tuning in to with my children. My 5 year old loves The Lion Guard and is a pretty big fan of Bunga. I was recently able to get her a Bunga jumper from the Disney Store, and coupled with her cuddly Bunga, she makes a pretty sweet site.

My lucky children were recently sent the new Lion Guard Rise of Scar playset. They already have quite a collection of Lion Guard toys so I was really keen to see what they made of this new set. The good news is there are hours of fun to be had with recreating Lion Guard scenes from the show with this playset!

This is a great playset with plenty of space for at least two children to play. It comes with an exclusive Kion figure to help activate lights and sounds on the playset!

Kids can join Kion as he challenges Scar in the action-packed Rise of Scar Playset! There are 8 fun features. These are the pop-out flames from Scar’s head, the snake which attacks, the collapsing bridge, the monkey who launches the battering ram, the lava pool trap, the vine cave trap and the crocodile in the pool whose jaws snap. There are some really fun features which my children enjoyed exploring.

We already have The Lion Guard Collectible Figure Set which included Simba, Bunga, Kion and Fuli. This has been perfect for using with the playset but my children added the Defend the Pride Lands playset and Hyena’s HideOut playset for lots of Lion Guard adventures. We would recommend this as a lovely set for Lion Guard fans. The addition of lights and sounds is a brilliant touch!

Lion Guard Rise of Scar playset from Just Play Flair, is priced at  £49.99 and available from Smyths and other good toy shops."

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