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The Importance of Childhood Friendships

The Importance of Childhood Friendships

Thursday 8th June is Best Friend Day so here at we’re taking a closer look at the importance of childhood friendships.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll has found that friendships formed in primary school can last a lifetime, with 52% of people revealing they met their best friend at primary school and 35% saying their first best friend shaped who they are today.

Commissioned by the much-loved kids TV show, Kate & Mim-Mim, which airs weekdays on CBeebies at 8.50am, the research also found that half of people who are no longer close to their first best friend wish they still knew them.

The survey also revealed that the average age for meeting your best childhood friend is seven, and over the course of the friendship there are on average 38 adventures, 14 fall-outs and 13 life-changing events!

Helping to shed some light on all these findings is parenting consultant and author, Eileen Hayes MBE, who commented “We are born as social beings. Even as babies, right from the start, they are social and want to communicate. Small children are also intensely interested in other small children when they start to meet them, almost leaping out of the push-chair in their excitement, and they love to play and socialise. We see from the Childhood Friends survey results, the importance of these early friendships, and how they shape the adults we become, even if we are not actively in-touch with them, so it’s important for parents, to do everything they can to encourage positive friendships for our children.”

So how can we encourage our children to form meaningful bonds which will see them through to adulthood? Eileen Hayes has prepared some useful tips which you can watch in the video below:



You can also download and print some friendship activities for your children here!

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