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The importance of free play

The importance of free play

BRIO has just turned 130 and yet it feels more vital than ever. And that’s a good thing when working with toys because just as play develops children, play has developed BRIO as a company, giving it decades of knowledge that goes into every product it makes.

Never stop playing!

Numerous studies emphasise the importance of play, especially unstructured free play. For babies and toddlers, play has the role of strengthening the body and stimulating the brain. As children get older, play increases their ability to see things from different perspectives and it encourages original thinking.

BRIO wants to draw attention to the role of play in the development and creativity of both children and adults. In 2013, it awarded the Cambridge researcher Dr. David Whitebread for his report ‘The Importance of Play´, which focuses on children’s need to play freely in order to grow and thrive as people. The study stresses that all types of play are beneficial, and that children need to experience a variety of play activities.

Because belief in free play has always been the cornerstone of BRIO, it’s what the company has always based its products on. And with every new pull-toy it designs and railroad it makes, BRIO will continue to honour the importance of play and celebrate the creative child within all of us.

With every BRIO product you open, you will find there are no instructions in the box. BRIO believes that children should not need to learn how to play, they should just be allowed to play in a safe environment. So although BRIO provide suggested layouts for the BRIO WORLD railway sets, the products are simple and clear, so children can just play.

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