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The Kids Snackeez school plan!

The Kids Snackeez school plan!

The New Year is here and at UK we have some top tips to make healthy treats taste amazing.  With our lunchbox tips and tricks you can send your kids back to school (or to that swimming practice or football match!) with some great tasting snacks and a drink too.  Just pop your favourite treats into the top of the 2 in 1 cup and fill up with their favourite juice or drink.  No Mess, No Stress!

And don’t forget mum! Children learn by example so you can snack healthily with Snackeez too. What better way for you to kick start your healthy eating plan, just fill up your Snackeez with nuts, seed and fruit and plenty of low cal drinks or flavoured water then get ready to hit the gym and snack healthy in the New Year! 

Top Trick! - Get your children involved – anything they’ve helped to make is more likely to be eaten

Five healthy treats we know they will love

1. Funky Fruit Salad

• Red and Green Grapes
• ¼ Melon scooped into balls
• Handful of strawberries hulled and quartered
• ½ an Apple, cored and sliced
• 1 Orange, peeled and cut into segments
• Handful of blueberries

Once all prepared, mix together in your Snackeez cup ready for any trip or adventure

Did you know? Grapes are a rich source of vitamins A, C, B6 and folate in addition to essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorous!

2. On the Trail Mix

• Mini Pretzels
• pumpkin seeds
• raisins
• A few chocolate chips!

There’s no real rules with this - you know the things your kids love so have some fun and mix it up a little.  Simply throw a handful of each into the mix, keep stored in an air tight tub and pop some in your kid’s Snackeez for a super food snack!

3. Cracking Cheese and Ham Stackers

• Mini Cheddars
• Low Fat Cheese (any flavour)
• Sliced Ham
• Handful of cherry tomatoes

Spread cheese onto a cheddar, add a small piece of ham then make a sandwich!

4. Spiced Apple Crisps – a healthier alternative that tastes amazing!

• 2 x large apples (Granny Smiths are great!) 
• Cinnamon to sprinkle

Core apples and cut into thick slices, Dust with Cinnamon and place on a lined baking tray.
Cook for 45 mins to 1 hours turning half way.
Cook until golden brown, then cool

5. Poppin’ Pop Corn  - UKMums.Tv loves this simple treat! – There’s lots of flavour without the calories and fun to make with your children!

• 75 grams of popcorn kernels 
• 3 tbsp cooking oil.
• Salt to taste (optional – it really doesn’t need it!) 
• Make sure you have a strong pan with lid!

Heat the oil in the pant then add kernels.  Pop the lid on pan and give it a good shake. Return to a low heat and then wait to hear the pops! When the pops slow to every free seconds, remove from heat, and immediately pour into a bowl.

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