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The Original Stretch Armstrong is back!

The Original Stretch Armstrong is back!

With the new Original Stretch Armstrong taking over, we thought it would be ideal to give you a rundown of all his new (and old) features. We also take a look at the new Stretchy pooch added to the range from Character Options.

The Original Stretch Armstrong £19.99

The new Original Stretch Armstrong looks just like his 70s counterpart. His originally styled head and classic blue trunks not only bring back that nostalgic feel but also appeal to today’s generation of kids. 

Once we got Stretch out his box it was clear he could Stretch up to 4x his size! No matter which way we twisted and turned him he would always return to his original shape, even if we tied him into knots!

This has true Stretch appeal and will be a favourite in the toy box. For more information on Stretch Armstrong click here

Stretch Scooby £19.99 

Stretch Scooby is the perfect companion for any fan of the famous Great Dane. He has all the normal characteristics you expect to find with a Stretch toy, including the ability to Stretch up to 3x his size.

To Stretch him all you have to do is pull his arms and legs and watch him grow. Complete with dog collar and classic Scooby look, this toy makes for great fun and is guaranteed to be stretched again and again!

For more information on Stretch Scooby click here

Our verdict: We have been huge fans of Stretch ever since we were children. After getting our hands on one of the new action figures, we soon realised the new offering from Character Options kept all the classic features we loved and added a few new and improved features to appeal to 2st Century kids. That’s why we have to give Stretch Armstrong a huge 10/10!


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