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The work-life balance 'increasingly stressful for fathers'

The work-life balance 'increasingly stressful for fathers'

We’ve found a story on the net that we at would like to push out – seems a bit one-sided to us … what about hardworking mums, we ask?

Here's the story:

“A recent study carried out by the charity Working Families has found that nearly half of working fathers would like a less stressful job so they can spend more time caring for their children, with about a third willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.

The charity added that employers are not doing enough to help dads take a more active role with childcare, stating "For many fathers, the workplace is unsupportive of their aspirations for a better work-life fit."

It added that this would run the risk of creating a "fatherhood penalty", where fathers are willing to follow a career that is below their skill set and reduce their earnings, similar to the "motherhood penalty", which gender equality charity, the Fawcett Society, identified as being one of the main causes of the disparity in pay between men and women.

"To prevent a 'fatherhood penalty' emerging in the UK - and to help tackle the motherhood penalty - employers need to ensure that work is designed in a way that helps women and men find a good work-life fit," said Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families.

Employers' organisation, the Institute of Directors (IoD), agreed with the charity, saying bosses should design jobs to allow both men and women work flexibly.  Seamus Nevin, head of employment and skills policy at the IoD, said government should also reform shared parental leave, which is "far from perfect and offers fathers no individual personal entitlement to time off with their baby. The benefits, to individual families as well as companies and the overall economy, of sharing parental responsibilities equally between mothers and fathers, are clear."

Although the number of stay-at-home fathers has almost doubled since the mid-1990s, women are still much more likely to take on the majority share of parental responsibilities.

MPs are due to open an inquiry into whether fathers are losing out in the workplace shortly.”

How is childcare responsibility split in your home? Do you think men are getting a raw deal?  Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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