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They’ve never had it so good! A look into the changing technology tastes of today’s ‘Insta-tweens’

They’ve never had it so good! A look into the changing technology tastes of today’s ‘Insta-tweens’

British consumer electronics brand Alba, exclusive to Argos, has today revealed how ‘tweenagers’ are rejecting TV for tablets and other mobile devices, as they become the most mobile-centric generation we’ve ever seen.

The study of over 1,000 UK parents with children aged 7 and over has found that the days of tweens being glued to the TV are over, as interest shifts considerably to smaller and smaller screens. So much so, that demand among this group for tablets is three times higher* than for TVs, with tweens instead using the devices to consume traditional media, such as TV shows, play interactive and educational games, and engage with friends online.

With the average pre-tween pocketing a tidy £295.36 a year, parents reveal a third (31%) of their child’s money is put towards ‘must-have’ tech, including mobiles, headphones and tablets.

Mobile phones top the league of most coveted tech for ‘tweenagers’**, with mobile phone credit considered a ‘must-have’ in order to stay connected. In fact, Argos reports that sim-free mobile sales are up by over 50% [1], as pay as you go deals become more competitive and consumers take to sim-free options, such as the Alba Sim Free 2.8 inch Mobile Phone , to save money. This is particularly true for parents looking to purchase a suitable first phone for their child.

In addition to engaging with new technologies, the poll also reveals that tech-savvy tweens spend a lot of their time talking to their friends about technology and social media (49%), considerably more than chatting about other popular culture topics, such as fashion (22%), celebrity (15%) and reality television (13%).

In another sign of the changing times, today’s tweens are getting more money for half the work. Present day tweens pocket an average of £5.68 a week compared to the £3.20 weekly allowance given to their parents – a 77% increase. In fact, half (45.5%) of parents claim they had to do chores to earn their cold hard cash, while only a quarter (25.5%) of present-day tweens have to get their hands dirty.

Purchased music has now fallen far down the list of items that pocket money is spent on - a likely result of the proliferation of free music available on the internet accessed on mobile phones and tablets. In contrast, parents spent almost a fifth (17%) of pocket money on music versus the 9% spent by their own children now.

Andrea Derrick, Alba Brand Controller, said: “Alba provides great value technology for pre-teens whilst also offering vibrant and fun designs with technology that is easy to navigate. It’s starter technology that parents can buy for their children, with the confidence that it is durable, affordable and safe, with parental control options offering peace of mind.”

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