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This week we’re loving: Just Imagine – Volume 1!

This week we’re loving: Just Imagine – Volume 1!

There’s nothing like a good old catchy tune to brighten your day and this week we want to share the new Kazoops music album with all our readers! Just Imagine – Volume 1 was released at the end of last month and here at we simply cannot get enough of the fun tracks.

Kazoops is one of this year’s stand out shows on CBeebies and many of you will probably have seen an episode or at least heard your little ones repeating the catchphrase ‘just imagine’! The show is all about six-year-old Monty who challenges life’s big mysteries with the help of his imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones – the family pet pig! With every adventure that the pair go on, a catchy new song plays in the background for little ones to enjoy.

Fans of the show really love being able to listen to Kazoops songs, so it’s really lovely that the album has been put together. What we really love about the music is that us parents can enjoy it just as much as our little ones, and there is no shame in listening to the songs when your children aren’t around!

Have you listened to the album yet? You can stream it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or YouTube. Click on the image below to listen now!

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