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Tim Peake Back from Space Mission

Tim Peake Back from Space Mission

How are you feeling this Monday morning? A bit worse for wear after the weekend maybe? Well, however you’re feeling probably isn’t as bad as British astronaut Tim Peake is faring right now after his epic return to earth at the weekend.

Following his 186-day adventure above our planet on the International Space Station, the 44-year-old dad-of-two confessed in an interview with ITV to feeling like he’s suffering the “world’s worst hangover” as his body adjusts to gravity again. As the Metro reports, Major Peake said of his emotions: “You’re excited to be back, but you can’t fully enjoy the experience because, to be quite frank, you feel pretty terrible. It can only be described as something akin to the world’s worst hangover in terms of everything that is going on in your head.”

He also talked about what he missed most, adding: “The view of Earth is the biggest thing, and it is probably the thing that has the biggest impact on you, so it is quite natural that is the thing you will miss the most.” Major Peake was the first ever British astronaut to be sent to the ISS by the European Space Agency, and his achievements while up in space included taking part in more than 250 experiments, performing a spacewalk, running the London Marathon on a treadmill and inspiring more than a million schoolchildren.

Welcome back, Tim! UKMums.TV hopes you feel fully-adjusted soon.

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