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Time to check for old pound coins

Time to check for old pound coins

Just one week remains for you to be able to cash in those old pound coins and from 16th October businesses can refuse to accept them.

But you'd be surprised how much your spare change could add up so why not make a check list and search the house today for any hidden cash?

Here are our top places where you could find them:

1. Change trays and side pockets of the car
2. Gym bags
3. Every handbag you own
4. Pockets of winter coats you’ve not worn yet
5. Children’s money boxes
6. Down the back of the sofa
7. Desk tidy trays at work and at home
8. Under the beds
9. In the washing basket
10. Beside and kitchen draws

So don't delay, as you never know how much might be hidden in all these nooks and crannies!

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