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Pupil attacked in school

Pupil attacked in school

Three teenage girls broke into a school in Plymouth to attack one of its students. The attack was over a dispute that happened in a nearby neighbourhood.

Head techer of the school Katherine White said; “Staff intervened in the fight and the student was left shocked and bruised" After the attack school security was increasd in an attempt to keep the pupils safe.

The headteacher also had this to say in a letter to parents about the incident "Your daughters and sons may have told you about a serious incident that happened yesterday lunchtime in school."

"Three teenage female intruders came on to our site to find a particular year 11 Notre Dame student. One of the intruders physically assaulted that student just outside the basketball courts."

In a statement she told the BBC: "We have increased security measures for the protection of our pupils; in the short term this means locked gates with staff in attendance. We will be taking advice on further long term security measures this week."
"Our community was deeply shocked by the incident and we have taken serious and immediate action."

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