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Top food items for summer

Top food items for summer

A summers day out isn’t complete without delicious snacks! If you’re looking for a practical way to carry snacks on the go or some foodie inspiration for homemade treats, then continue reading to find out about Snackeez and Banana Surprise!

Snackeez RRP £9.99

Say goodbye to juggling food and drink in Tupperware, sandwich bags and lunchboxes! Snackeez is an amazing 2-in-1 drinks cup and food dispenser which allows you to hold your drink and snacks in one hand.

At UKMums.TV we love how practical Snackeez cups are; they’re perfectly sealed to keep snacks fresh and prevent spills, and the cups are made even more practical with a non-slip grip.

This summer, we’ll be carrying sliced apples and raisins in our Snackeez with a fresh milkshake in the cup! For a frozen milkshake idea to use in your cup, click here to view our Banana Milkshake recipe 

Banana Surprise RRP £9.99

Banana Surprise is a fun new tool which promises to transform your regular bananas into yummy desserts. It’s a great way to get children excited about eating fruit as they will enjoy creating their own flavour combinations.

To use Banana Surprise, you simply use the Yumstation to remove the core with the special tool and then use the special bottle to fill your banana with any flavour you fancy!

We’ll be using Banana Surprise this summer to make tasty peanut butter flavoured banana snacks!

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