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Top tips for the first day of nursery or school

Top tips for the first day of nursery or school

A child’s first day at school or nursery can be a really nerve-wracking time for parents and kids alike. Questions will float around your head like “Will they be ok without me? Will they play nicely with the other kids?” and it can all become just a tad overwhelming.

Although we know they will be just fine, it’s still a big deal so we’ve put together some top tips for both you and your kids to embrace that milestone day!

1. Be positive and enthusiastic! Focus on the good aspects of your child’s first day – they’ll start socialising with other kids and learning so many amazing new skills!

2. Be prepared! You don’t want the first morning to be rushed and stressful so make sure everything, like clothes and packed lunches, are prepared the night before for an easy breezy first day!

3. If your young one has a comforter they simply can’t live without, double-check they have it with them before you leave!

4. Establish a routine. If your children are going to have to wake up earlier than usual, try and establish an earlier bedtime from the week before, so they have time to adjust and aren’t grumpy in the mornings. You’re less likely to have tears at the school gate this way!

5. Eat a good breakfast. Sugary cereals will leave kids zapped of energy and feeling grouchy by mid-morning, so opt for something balanced like wholemeal toast and fruit.

6. Speak to the nursery or school teacher for reassurance to calm your own nerves – they may even be able to give you a call and update you during the day.

7. Don’t let your kids notice you’re nervous. Even the youngest of children will sense it if you’re jittery!

8. Prepare your youngest ones for school through imaginative play. The new Peppa Pig collection has fun, school-themed toys which pre-schoolers can use to act out a day at school or nursery!

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