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Top tips on holding the perfect Pyjama Party!

Top tips on holding the perfect Pyjama Party!

This week, PJ Masks has taken over and so just like these pyjama wearing heroes we wanted to bring you top tips on how to hold the perfect pyjama party!

1. Firstly and most importantly you need to organise the guest list. A pyjama party would make the perfect theme for a birthday sleepover with 10 children or just as a fun activity for you, the kids and some favourite soft toys. But make sure you know how many you’re expecting so you can plan accordingly.

2. Make a list of activities. A pyjama party can be a great time for kids and their friends to just talk the night away (not all night you would hope). However, having a few activities planned out can make the night even more fun for them.

3. Pick out a film. Or even better, an episode of PJ Masks. This could be perfect activity just before lights out to make sure everyone has wound down ready for a good nights sleep.

4. Buy snacks. A key ingredient to a successful pyjama party! The perfect snacks for pyjama parties are fun finger-foods. Your best bets are popcorn, crisps, plus some fruit for good measure. If you can, purchase a variety of snacks so that your guests have a variety of options to choose from.

5. Make it Fun! You could build a fun fort out of blankets or set up a play tent for the kids to sleep in! You can do as much or as little as you like but adding some fun decorations or areas that would normally be out of bounds can really add to the excitement for the little ones!

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